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Neoclassical Interiors On Film

A typical Neoclassical Interior today is a reflection of classic interiors but re-created with a more contemporary styling. It has Georgian and Rococo influences and is widely used in the luxury residential market, mainly because it works well on larger scale rooms and in grand properties. It is a style that has always been deep within my way of thinking and was something that came out in early designs naturally before I was aware of its history. It has been hugely influential in films that were put on the map in regards to their iconic set design . For some, you could go as far to say that they were the most visually iconic films of all time, and the interiors played a huge part in that.

Space Odyssey 2001

Space Odyssey 2001 is an obvious choice as Stanley Kubrick was known for his stunning visuals. His attention to detail was obsessive and every small detail told a story that was naked to the untrained eye. It is widely known as one of the most visually influential films ever made and it was deemed as historically & aesthetically significant by the United States Library of Congress in 1991. There is something very visually interesting on how the Neoclassical style has been interpreted here in the 1960's . Having the floor as perspex uplit panels but keeping almost everything else classical and monochromatic in the room, was a simple but genius idea. It was a perfect way of bringing it into the space age by mixing two complete opposite design eras together, I think its the absurdity of it all that makes it so memorable.

Suspiria 1977

There is no denying that Dario Argento's Suspiria was the most visually iconic horror movie of all time. The monochromatic colour schemes in the grand hallway was a thing of beauty with with repetitive shapes in false paneling that were a nod to the neoclassical. Again it is very interesting to see the retro take on neoclassical interiors at this time of 1977. The choice of red was used as a symbol of nightmares and the occult which was the very essence of the movie. Argento said ; "We were trying to reproduce the colour of Walt Disney's Snow White; it has been said from the beginning that Technicolor lacked subdued shades, [and] was without nuances—like cut-out cartoons."

Ugly Betty ( image from Interior )

Ugly betty was also known for its iconic Interior Design looks, with it being a tv show about fashion you would expect nothing less than fabulous. One particular part that has always interested me was Wilhelmina's apartment that was in a Neoclassical style. The use of dark colours mixed with almost neon colours makes a real statement. The inverted walls with hexagonal panels that are mirrored throughout are at the pinnacle of luxury residential design and its attention to detail. It is a very bold aesthetic and was a perfect match to the character of whom it belonged to.

It is a style that seems to marry well with the uber modern quite easily , its creates a sense of drama in a modern way. This may be why it is something film creators can relate to when trying to tell a story in the setting.

Cavalli - Visionnaire

One furniture brand that is widely known for using this signature style while re-creating it completely through contemporary luxury, is IPE Cavalli. They are one of the most prestigious brands in the world and highly desirable within the luxury residential market.

Below are some products available in the Neoclassical style , available to purchase through our studio if you are interested in recreating this look <3

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