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Nanda Vigo , Nov 1936 - May 2020

I would like to pay tribute to this legendary lady and pioneer of retro-futuristic design. Born in Milan, one of the design epicentres of the world, she was inspired by sci-fi movies and comic books in her design aesthetic. A lady after my own heart <3

Her designs were otherworldly and lighting was always the main focus, she would create iconic shapes with neon lighting that would completely change the aesthetic of the space . Making it seem like something straight from an epic movie scene.

She moved from Milan to America directly after graduating university, she did this to follow her dreams as she was determined to work underneath her idol , also an idol of mine , Frank Lloyd Wright. I can definitely see the connection between these two design icons, as he also was known for creating epic / otherworldly buildings.

Famous architecture , Los Angeles , Frank Lloyd wright
Sowden House - Los Angeles - Frank Lloyd Wright

She went on in her career to work with companies such as Flos lighting, the prefect collaboration. They are widely respected in the design world for their futuristic way of thinking .

Thank you Nanda for being such an inspiration and motivation to us design ladies out there, we love and respect you for making your mark on this world <3

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